Extras and Add-Ons
Website development and hosting

Businesses need to be online. They also need a presence.
KIDANET can point your business in the right direction and help you establish an online presence. Through our business partners offering KIDANET’s clients reduced pricing for dedicated and shared hosting services and corporate email packages, companies in Fiji are finally able to take advantage of all the Internet has to offer.

Start developing your website today using Oceanic LITE. Tell them you're a KIDANET customer and receive 15% off select services from Oceanic. A free 30 day trial of the service is available.

Co-location and managed services

For some businesses, finding reliable and secure data-centre facilities is a challenge. KIDANET offers co-location services for clients needing specialised hosting arrangements for mission-critical systems. Redundancy set-ups for power, air-conditioning, fire suppression and network connectivity are essential and KIDANET’s data-centre at Fintel’s network operations centre can do the job.

KIDANET is Fiji’s only Internet provider offering this type of service directly at the Southern Cross Cable’s landing point into the country
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