Service Price Chart
@Home Prices

Below is a pricing chart for Kidanet's @Home Internet shared service plans.

Capacity (Kbps) Price (VIP) Installation (VIP)
192 $39.87  $99
256 $81.78  $99
512 $169.69 $99
1024 $314.85 $99

What is our internet @HOME service? Our internet @home service is a shared service where a high-capacity link is being shared amongst a managed number of users. This does not mean it’s necessarily slower but it can mean that during peak-hours, there may be more fluctuation and traffic on your connection. Many home will never see the difference, however if you feel you need to upgrade your connection, then please feel free to contact our customer care

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Relocation fee - $50 VIP for residential customers
Relocation fee - $99 VIP for business customers

We offer Service Level Agreements (SLA) to customers wanting 24 Hour Support. Please contact  the Kidanet Sales team for a quote. We also offer  24 hour support  for customers on a need basis – rates are set at $100 per hour.

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