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Setting up your EMAIL

Customers using Kidanet email services have a number of different options for retrieving, reviewing and composing email.

  1. Webmail access :  Your email account includes webmail access available from an Internet-connected computer anywhere in the world. You can login directly from KIDANET's homepage or at You only need to put in your username and your password as previously specified when your account was set up. If you can't remember that information, you can contact us for help.
  2. Email software access : Many customers might want to manage their email through popular software such as Microsoft Outlook Express on the PC or on Macintoshs. KIDANET supports these applications. When setting up your software, you will need the following information:

  • POP Server :
  • SMTP Server :
All KIDANET @Home customers are given email addresses as part of the service.
Please note that your email address will be:


If you have questions about how to set you your KIDANET email service, please don't hesitate to contact us over LIVE chat or send questions directly to KIDANET's support staff.

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