The Force
Yes, it’s true. Fiji’s hottest television show is ONLY available online through KIDANET's website. Our service is new so how do non-KIDANET customers get it? Not a problem. Download it here on this page. We’ll distribute the first few episodes for everyone! Tell you brother. Tell your sister. Tell you Mum and your Dad.

Only Online. Available for Everyone. Always Free (well, it’s free if you’re using KIDANET’s service since we have no usage cap!).

The Force
The Force Episodes are not available at the moment
due to some technical problems. Our team is working
on solutions to have it available for you soon.

Thank you for you understanding and patience.

System Requirements:

The Force episodes are distributed as Windows Media files (.WMV), a popular format for playing digital video.

We like and recommend VLC Player, an open-source media player that can handle multiple types of digital video and audio files. You can download VLC directly from it’s website. Windows, Macintosh and most other operating system versions are available free of charge. Alternatively, you can play these files using Windows Media software.

Please Note:
Kidanet is providing episodes of The Force online. They should absolutely not  be sold or redistributed online without the permission of KIDANET. We do want everyone to enjoy them so in most cases, we will be okay with what you want to do. Selling them, however, crosses the line. Please do the right thing.
Additionally, KIDANET cannot provide software support for your computer’s software or these video files. Please don’t call us asking for help. That’s what we have very talented computer-literate children for.

The Force is being made available through partnership between KIDANET, Skylite Productions and Oceanic Communications.

KIDANET is the OFFICIAL Internet provider for The Force.
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